The importance of customisation

Having a customised product means having a dedicated product that allows being applied to replace aluminium doctor blades installed on thousands of machines on the market, without need for any changes.

The replacement takes a few minutes, removing the old aluminium doctor blade body, and replacing it with the new performing carbon fibre body. Using the same piping system, the same brackets and the same spare parts.

The right size, at the right price

Custom-designed products always have more value than mass production. The concept of buying made-to-measure products offers a perfect harmony between design, image, functionality and price.

A revolution in 3 phases

  • Design

    Every single project has a dedicated design part that includes the reverse engineering part to acquire all the measurements of the machine on which it will be installed if the printing machine is already in use; the 3D design part to design the system and integrate it inside the machine, and the phase in which each system component is placed on the counter with a specific coding.


    Each part of the system is carefully constructed with the best quality standards to guarantee a high-quality system upon completion of the assembly process. Internal quality control ensures that every detail meets the necessary construction requirements. During the assembly, all the details are checked using the KanBan method to optimise the construction process, without any unexpected events.

  • Installation

    The installation phase, and the one that completes the customisation process, involves the installation on the machine, making it unnecessary to modify the machine, thus allowing an easy and quick installation without any long and costly downtime.



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